Turn boring data into powerful presentations.

Build animated spreadsheet presentations within minutes.

We’ve all
been there

When working on spreadsheets, sharing and presenting the information can sometimes become a struggle. Whether it’s presenting an offer to your potential clients, showcasing the cost estimate to your boss or setting clear goals for your team, Mustly.io has got you covered!

Easy to Use

Visualize your data and make it easy to understand in just a few clicks.


Say goodbye to never-ending copying and pasting data from spreadsheets to your presentation software.


Animate certain pieces of data and get instant feedback from co-workers or clients anywhere on the screen.

How It Works


You can either…

  • Upload a project from your device.
  • Synchronize with your Dropbox or Google Drive account.
  • Or create a new presentation.


Choose cells and fill them with content - text, images, videos or external links. Apply visual effects to highlight or animate the data.


Share presentations and get instant feedback. Changes are automatically saved and source file can be easily refreshed if needed.

Simple & Engaging

Introducing mustly.io. The platform that brings people and numbers together.

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